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Nikki Penland

Project Engineer “I grew up in Alaska on a little island, and my stepdad built roads for logging and construction -- he was an operator. His dad was a superintendent. I got to play on the equipment growing up, and he would always take us out to the jobsite where they were working,”
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Kari Everett

Owner “You don’t have to be afraid to go to her with an issue, even a big one that you can’t solve. You can go to Kari with any type of problem, and she’s calm about it and makes it seem simple. She never seems overwhelmed but just works with you to find a solution.” -Foreman at KLE
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Gretchen Smith

Laborer and Traffic Control Supervisor “So he put me on one of the bigger excavators and he said “get out of that hole!” I was sweating and trying to figure it out. One of my guys hopped down to help me. He stood right there and walked me through it. I made it out without breaking anything or hurting anybody!”
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Madeline Harvey

Laborer “It can be awkward [on a new job], especially if I am the only female. But then as soon as I crack a joke or break the barrier in some other way, everybody lets their breath out and relaxes. I guess they’re thinking ‘ok, I guess she’s not so...scary… after all.’”
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Jasmine Garcia

Safety Director “I would say, go for it! Don’t be afraid. It may be twice as hard because it’s a male-dominated industry, but you have to have a voice. You have to have a backbone. You really have to put yourself on the line and you can’t self-doubt”
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Brittany Loveday

Grade Checker and Operator “My dad has done this his entire life, and I was raised around it, so it’s kinda my calling. I want to grow with a company like he did as he went through his years in construction. It’s exciting. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s worth it in the end. I love it. I absolutely love it.”
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Brady Watson

Accounting Manager “It’s very laid back at RAWSO. No one is looking over your shoulder. Everyone gets along really well--different types of people, but we get along really well.”
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Joleen Johnson

Director of Administration “One morning I was at the scrapyard sitting in the scalehouse. Everywhere there was the hustle and the bustle and people coming in and out of the scalehouse, and I just remember saying to myself, “this is it. This is the coolest thing there is.”
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Annie Tooley

Human Resources and Payroll “When I got into construction, I truly started to care about my work because I knew the importance it had for individuals. My job is more than just coming in at 7 o'clock, clocking out, and going home. People depend on me to get paid, and to get paid correctly.”
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Noelle Kelderhouse

Office Coordinator “I love dirt; I love equipment. I just really enjoy the construction industry.”
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Megan Macioszek

Operator “One of our jobs was in a rough neighborhood. I had the GPS pole and I was going to test it. There was a guy who was looking at me funny and he started following me. Before I knew it one of my crew was running up to me and when he caught me, he goes “it’s just that you’re our official little sister, we gotta look out for you.””
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Nikki DeLuca

Team Member Operations Manager "We’re committed to everyone here. Everyone is important. That’s why we focus on safety, and why it’s such a great place to work. [Southern Site] truly cares about each person.”
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Missy Scherber

Co-owner “I was fascinated by the people who build our world. I realized that I wanted to be a part of a business that supports the people who build what our society needs to function.”
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Savannah Winkles

Mainline Trackhoe Operator “I did [grading] one time for them to move a billboard sign into the woods. The owner's son came out there on the job and he said “I really love this, your work is beautiful,” so I took pictures, I was sending it to everybody, posting on social. If I saw that today…” (laughs, shakes her head) “I’m so much better at it now.”
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Carol Groom

Office Manager “I’ve always liked the construction industry. Just seeing something built from scratch--I don’t think you can ever shake that feeling of accomplishment, and having the whole team be a part of it.”
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Corrin Larter

Accounts Payable Specialist “To any woman who is looking to work in construction, my advice is don’t ever be afraid that you can’t do something. If you feel unsure about it, ask questions.”
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Erin Eckard

Assistant Project Manager “We are all like one big family. Everyone has each other’s backs, and we truly have our team members’ best interests at heart. We want to help everyone succeed.”
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