Bulk Equipment

HEAVY EQUIPMENT TECHNICIAN: Jackson, TN; Dallas Fort Worth, TX; Northwestern + Southwestern Ohio

Bulk Equipment
Category Equipment Technician Type Full-time
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Pay Rate Based on Experience



  • Being the company’s number one support personnel for the customer
  • Maintaining a small fleet of heavy equipment
  • Assisting our Field Service Division by responding to service calls
  • Diagnosing issues with company-owned equipment and communicating to Site Management
  • Executing maintenance and repair work
  • Utilizing company’s maintenance management software to prepare required work orders, fill out timecards, order parts, etc.
  • Creating parts list when needed and communicating to Site Management and/or Purchasing
  • Maintaining any certifications required for specific or specialized work, as well as any licenses required to operate service vehicles
  • Keeping company assets such as vehicle, laptop, diagnostic & specialty tooling, etc. in working order


  • Belief that safety is a necessity, not an option
  • 10+ years of maintenance and repair experience preferred
  • Understanding of various OEM platforms
  • Intermediate computer skills
  • Valid driver’s license with satisfactory driving record
  • Desire and motivation to maintain certifications and continue applicable education
  • Awareness of being a representation of the company at all times, and an eager brand advocate
  • Detail oriented with excellent record-keeping capabilities
  • Collaborative spirit
  • Strong problem-solving skills and an ability to think outside the box
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Equipment Technician

If you’re a gearhead who loves to work with your hands, a career as a technician might be for you. The heavy equipment world wouldn’t function without dedicated mechanics repairing and maintaining machines. As a technician, you can either work on machines in a dedicated shop or visit projects via service truck to make repairs on site. It’s a sweet gig.

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