T-M-T Gravel and Contracting, Inc

Traveling Equipment Mechanic

T-M-T Gravel and Contracting, Inc
Category Equipment Technician Type Full-time
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Pay Rate $20-$30/hr
Category Equipment Technician
Type Full-time
Location Pine City, New York
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Job Responsibilities
• Required to follow all safety policies and procedures as per TMT Gravel and Contracting culture.
• Installs, maintains and repairs machinery, equipment, physical structures, plumbing and electrical systems following specifications, blue prints and manuals.
• Visually inspects and listens to machines and equipment to diagnose cause of malfunctions.
• Communicates timely and effectively with production supervisor regarding major problems.
• May operate mobile equipment (loader/man lift/scissor lifts, tele-handlers etc.).
• Performs daily preventative maintenance, record/inspection on service vehicle to include fueling, cleaning, tire/light inspection, checking and adding fluids as needed.
• Services pumps/motors as needed.
• Repairs/replaces wear items as required.
• Perform welding, repair and fabrication.
• Maintains parts inventory.
• May make service calls to custom crushing jobs out of town
• Demonstrate good knowledge of lock out/tag out procedure required during certain procedures.
• Communicates/directs co-workers through hand signals and two-way radio.
• Assists in training of co-workers as needed.
• Performs general clean-up of work area.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• Must be able to weld and have strong maintenance-mechanical aptitude
• Two years experience as Maintenance Mechanic preferred
• Must have superior knowledge of crushing, screening, material handling equipment and all related major systems in order to troubleshoot or anticipate system problems.
• Knowledge and appreciation for production goals and effect of repair costs upon the success of the operation
• Teamwork oriented who enjoys working in a dynamic, fast paced environment
• Ability to communicate effectively – written and verbal
• Knowledge of all related safety regulations
• Be able to work in very stressful conditions
• Must be able to work outside in all weather conditions
• Adequate vision and hand-eye coordination to make precise adjustments and repairs to equipment
• Ability to walk through plants, sometimes on uneven terrain
• Ability to squat, bend, twist, and stoop, frequently lifting heavy objects up to 75 lbs
• Ability to climb ladders and catwalks up to 100 foot from ground level.
• Be able to perform duties in a safe manner
• Read, understand, and follow instructions presented in service manuals and blue prints
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