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Category Grade Checker
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Rummel Construction, Inc. is a heavy civil general contractor specializing in mass excavation and grading. We have been providing earth-moving services to the Southwest, United States, since 1996. Unlike other heavy civil contractors, we diversify in a broad range of markets including mining, landfills, golf courses, residential, CMAR/JOC, wind and energy, recreation, flood control, and transportation. With over 300 pieces of equipment and approximately 60 jobs on our construction schedule, we aren’t like the rest!

Rummel Construction, Inc. is seeking experienced Grade Checkers. This is a safety sensitive position that is responsible for setting grade stakes to guide earth moving equipment operators in cut & fill, sloping, excavation, and backfilling work at residential, commercial, heavy civil, highway, and energy sites. Experience in the use of measuring instruments and hand tools are necessary. They must also have training in marking and reading survey stakes to determine grade specifications. A qualified Grade Checker must have the ability to observe, direct and control equipment excavating activities to conform to stake references and communicate with equipment operators, supervision and management.

Grade Checkers are responsible for horizontal and vertical specified ratios from the initial excavation using rod and eye level and setting grade stakes until completion of the work. Must have the ability to assist in observing if the excavation equipment is in good running condition, the operators are working within company production and safety guidelines, as well as keeping the job site within the local jurisdiction Dust Control Standards.

Required Skills/Experience: Familiar with heavy equipment, Residential/Commercial Construction as well as highway vehicle traffic. 3+ years’ experience performing Grade Checking. Substantial walking, bending, stooping, lifting, etc.  

Preferred Qualifications: Experience with Top Con GPS system is a plus.

Rummel Construction, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, creed, national origin, sex, age, pregnancy, genetic information, gender identity, sexual orientation, status as a protected veterans and/or individuals with disability to any position for which the applicant or employee is qualified. ROC114845 ROC114846