Witech Company Inc

We Move Dirt With A Higher Purpose.

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We Move Dirt With A Higher Purpose.

Location Crete, IL
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Moving dirt is in our blood.

Since focusing solely on earthwork, we’re grateful for the sense of purpose that dirt brings us. We see an amazing amount of potential in the sites we work on. At first, an undeveloped piece of land doesn’t look like much, but to us, it’s an opportunity to build and strengthen our communities.

The earthwork industry is our true calling. We believe our purpose in life is to help build infrastructure that enhances lives throughout the Midwest. With moral and ethical standards as our guide, we continue to look for opportunities to improve how we work. This provides better service to our clients, better relationships, and better lives for our families.

We see an honest and transparent approach to construction as extremely valuable. Our client’s and communities’ needs are important to us. Exceeding their expectations and building with their families in mind is why we do what we do.

About Witech Company Inc

Meet Cal Testin, General Superintendent

Cal Testin, general superintendent, started at Witech as a foreman in 2014. His background as a laborer doing layout in GPS helped prepare him for his current position, in which he “runs the work” by coordinating crews, sub-contractors and equipment and doing GPS layout.

He likes to see daily progress on the jobsite, and got to observe a lot of change on his first job at Witech – ground-up construction of a new high school and athletic field.

Happy to be part of a team, he values the relationships with his co-workers and the family-feel at Witech. He enjoys watching the company grow as more people join the key employees who make up the core structure.

Meet Cal Testin, General Superintendent


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