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Building Better Lives For Family and Community, We Dig the Future!

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Building Better Lives For Family and Community, We Dig the Future!

Location Corona, CA
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Boudreau Pipeline Corporation’s roots can be traced back over 20 years to Alan Boudreau’s time as an owner-operator with a single backhoe digging trenches.  Alan purchased his first backhoe in 1996 and started a construction company called A&B Equipment. Along with his wife Christie, they ran the operation out of their home office while also caring for their 4 children. While working as an owner-operator, Alan developed a great rapport with his customers and in September 1997 one of them asked him to bid on a pipeline project they were slated to do but could not fit it into their schedule. A little anxious not having done this type of work before, he took a shot anyway and bid the project to RGC, who was building 41 homes in Rancho Santa Margarita. Alan was awarded the $183,162 project which in turn launched the start of a new company, Boudreau Mechanical.  Alan and Christie then hired their first employee! In the first year they had a total of 6 jobs reaching nearly $1,000,000 in annual revenue. Shortly after conquering year one, they landed a larger project with John Laing Homes which was a turning point in the Company’s history. This led to many great relationships and rapid growth.  In 2000, Boudreau Mechanical was incorporated and became what we know it as today, Boudreau Pipeline Corporation.

By 2007, Boudreau Pipeline had reached nearly $20 million in annual revenue and was firmly entrenched in the Southern California residential market.  As we all know, however, the Great Recession hit starting in 2007 and Boudreau Pipeline was no exception to the countless companies severely damaged during this time, many of which were forced to close their doors.  With revenue dropping over 70% in 2008 and the Lehman Brothers collapse bankrupting a couple of the Company’s major projects on which it was owed significant amounts of money and forced to settle for pennies on the dollar, only a committed leadership team and a company-wide CAN-DO attitude allowed Boudreau Pipeline to barely survive the Great Recession and slowly work its way back to sustainability and profitability. The old adage “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” seemed appropriate.

The skilled and dedicated Boudreau Pipeline team having navigated itself out of the Great Recession then turned its attention to what has amounted to nothing short of incredible growth over the last 5 years. The Company sits today an organization generating over $65 million in annual revenue and providing opportunity for over 275 employees and their families. It has been an amazing journey for Boudreau Pipeline and its many employees over the years, and as we look toward the future, our steadfast belief is in Building a better life for Community and Family; We Dig the Future! ™


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